Conceptualization and design of e-communication tools

Predominantly in subsaharan countries, users skipped the age of the early internet and are now jumping into the world of mobile web applications. This phenomenon creates for commercial and not-for-profit organisations new ways to communicate with their clientele and their stakeholders. African institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the use of mobile applications to spread their messages to an increasing audience and at the same time to measure how recipients think about the content sent. For business associations and chambers of commerce, mobile applications prove often far more effective while communicating interactively with members, the local business community and relevant stakeholders. Therefore, an increasing number of business membership organisations are demanding for tailored mobile applications that can be used in their internal and external environment.

In the course of his assignments, Ansgar has been conceptualising and supervising the design of an Android-bases mobile application for:

- the Association of Ghana Industries (; programming by Innoactive);
- the East African Business Council