Moderation and facilitation

Moderating workshops, meetings and conferences by a professional, external moderator is a prerequisite for achieving stated objectives and making the event a success! Ansgar is an experienced moderator of workshops of different sizes and stages. He moderates workshops and meetings in German, English and French. Before taking on an assignment, Ansgar evaluates and assesses thoroughly with his clients what objectives and targets shall be achieved. Based upon a common and shared understanding what the workshop is for, Ansgar prepares his input.  

Among his current assignments in the field of workshop moderation and facilitation were:

  • Moderation of a national conference of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lusaka with the objective to introduce a standard framework for Chamber operations (Language: English);
  • Moderation of initial sessions of local private-public dialogue forums in different provinces in Morocco (Language: French);
  • Moderation of training workshops for private entrepreneurs in the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Language: German);
  • Moderation of project review workshops with international teams, e.g. in Daressalaam in Dec 2016 (Language: English)