Promoting economic development in post-conflict areas

Tangible economic development is a key aspect in the context of assisting post-conflict societies to find its ways back to social and political stability. In a framework of traumatization, mistrust and absence of social systems, is often a conundrum to identify pathways towards economic growth. Creating an atmosphere for collective decision-making is key for preparing grounds for future social development.

Among Ansgar’s assignments in the field of economic development in post-conflict areas are:

  • Training tripartite participants in a public-private dialogue in Lebanon on how to do research for policy advocacy in Lebanon (September 2016, Language: English);
  • Developing organizational capacities of the SME assistance provider FACT in Afghanistan (June 2010-Feb 2013, Language: English and Dari);
  • Capacity development for the private sector-focused Chambre des Mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Feb 2013-March 2015) Language: French);
  • Development of communication strategies for the tripartite platform IDAK “Investissements durables au Katanga – Sustainable investment in Katanga” (Dec 2015-April 2016, Language: French);
  • Capacity assessment and cost calculation in public TVET institutes in the Republic of Georgia (March-July 2012, Language: English and Russian)