Management training

Under the auspices of an ongoing co-operation between the Academy of German Co-operative Banks (Akademie der Genossenschaftsbanken ADG) and the Sri Lankan Bank LOLC plc, Ansgar provided management and leadership training to senior managers and management trainees (© Foto: A. Cordier)

The customer-tailored training explored predominantly the areas of communication, effective team management, resolving effectively in teamwork and with regard to customers. Moreover, Ansgar provided seminar components meant to build trainee’s capacities in giving presentations and speaking in public.

Having trained managers from different fields and sector, e.g. finance, training institutions, public administration, and business associations, Ansgar developed a broad range of interactive training components and programs.


Among his current assignments in the field of training provision were, among others:

  • Training to managers of the Association of Ghana Industries in the implementation of Carnet A.T.A. in order to simplify cross-border transfer within the ECOWAS region (Language: English);
  • Training to managers of the Fédération d’Entreprises du Congo in how to build successfully structures and services that meet the demand of existing and potential customers and to generate sustainable income (Language: French);
  • Training to executive directors and senior managers of the Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie from different wilayat (regions) in Algeria in developing demand-driven services and creating value for their customers (Language: French);
  • Training of German entrepreneurs in effective cross-cultural communication with a focus on the MENA region (Language: German);
  • Training of expats from various countries and working in extractive industries in building awareness in intercultural communication (Language: English)